The Life Leadership Institute

I've given hundreds of public presentations to date throughout the past 25 years, it's been an amazing journey of sharing and impartation to leaders around the globe.

This Online Leadership Institute is for those who desire to experience relevant transformation and in turn make global impact in the areas of family, ministry, education and business.

Here are some courses that will be offered:

  • - Thriving Through Unexpected Seasons
  • - Managing Me
  • - Timeless Fundamental Life Leadership Principles
  • - Mastering The Art of Effective Communication in Socially Tense Times
  • - Leading Through Trauma
  • - Mastering The Balancing Act Between Family Life & Leadership
  • - Atmosphereology: The Art of Mastering Your Environment
  • - Successful Team Leadership: How To Build & Mobilize People

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Registration is limited!

What: The Life Leadership MasterClass (Session 2)

When: August 15, 2020, 10am EST

Where: Via Zoom (I'll provide link)

Why: Because you need to be apart of a community that has been graced for your growth that will add value to your life!


These courses will be for you if...

  • You desire to have a healthy core beyond your title, job description and brand.
  • You function best in authenticity.
  • You know you deserve to be apart of a healthy community of sober, solid and successful people.

You deserve to create a life that makes impact.  

Here's how these courses will help.

Effective Communication

It can be hard to develop into being a strong and effective communicator for today's diverse and demanding audiences. My tips & training will help.

Building A Solid Core

Most successful people have a solid, reliable and private core of people in their lives. You need to cultivate or reinforce yours. I will help you do that.

Managing Your Mind

The Bible tell us that as a person thinks, so they are. The key to your progress and prosperity will be in your ability to manage your mind.

Cultivating Healthy Community

Your purpose will require you to be apart of a healthy community that has been graced for your growth. I will teach you how to cultivate that community.


What: The Life Leadership Institute (Session 2)

When: August 15th, 2020 @ 10am EST

Where: (I'll provide link via email)

Why: Because Your Need To Be Apart Of A Community That Has Been Graced For Your Growth That Will Add Value To Your Life.

So... are you in?