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There is a demand for more accessible, trustworthy, reliable and effective leadership, training and coaching. The truth is, "we can't effectively do what we do alone." We need illumination, guidance, insight & assurance.

Investing in yourself and your team reveals through collaboration, outsourcing & training reveals the integrity of your leadership & life. Let me join your team to help you succeed effectively.

This consulting service will keep you and/or your team relevant and resourced for the purpose of achieving your goals & fulfilling your mission.

You will be able to customize your package and details to meet your needs.

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Consultation & Guidance

Includes access to:

  • One on one or Team Consultation for ministry, business or leadership development.
  • One on one or Team Guidance for specified tasks (planning, events, transitions, managing seasons in your life, etc.)
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Coaching & Mentoring

Includes access to:

  • Having a coach to walk with you through your desired project, season or development.
  • Weekly or monthly "A Team" Sessions (accountability, affirmation, advancements)
  • Access to specified resources that will enhance you and/or your team.


Includes access to:

  • All regular admission events
  • All interactive sessions
  • Three one-on-one sessions